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Why You Should Hire an Underride Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured in a truck underride accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. The accident can be caused by a truck driver’s negligence, such as speeding, being distracted, or operating the truck unsafely. The trucking company may be responsible for the accident, for example, by failing to repair brake lights. Typically, the negligent party will deny any responsibility for the accident, and their insurance companies will resist paying compensation because they want to keep their profits high and keep their payouts low. However, there are ways to fight this.

Truck underride accident causes

Underride truck accidents are extremely dangerous and can result in fatalities. In addition, these accidents can cause severe injuries, including dismemberment, spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injuries, and bodily organ damage. These accidents can also cause significant emotional distress, resulting in major changes to the lives of victims. Here are some of the common causes of underride truck accidents, as well as some ways to prevent them from happening.

The high sitting position of large trucks can lead to underride accidents, with a passenger car wedged under the back of a semi or other large truck. In these accidents, the vehicle travels underneath the truck’s carriage due to a bend or break in the guard. Consequently, the windshield of the passenger car can be crushed or the vehicle’s space can be compromised. Because underride accidents can lead to serious injuries and even death, truck underride accidents can be very dangerous.

Compensation for injuries

An underride accident can cause severe emotional trauma and lasting effects. Underride accidents are often the result of several parties being at fault, including a distracted driver, a motorist who slammed into the back of the truck, and a lack of rear underride guards. Regardless of the cause, a victim may be entitled to compensation for injuries caused by an underride accident.

An underride crash can cause devastating damage to a passenger vehicle. It can also damage the roof or side doors of a car or SUV. It can also put the driver at risk, as their head can hit the truck’s side. In addition, guards on underride vehicles can fail, causing a devastating collision. While a truck driver’s intention is to protect the passengers of his or her vehicle, the guards often fail, resulting in devastating consequences.

Representation of victims of underride accidents

While underride accidents may not be fatal, they can result in catastrophic injuries. The physical, psychological, and emotional trauma caused by such a crash is devastating. The medical bills can total hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is why underride accident attorneys are essential for pursuing compensation for underride victims. An underride accident lawyer is uniquely qualified to handle these claims. The attorney you hire will aggressively fight for your rights to receive the compensation you deserve.

Underride accidents typically result when a smaller motor vehicle crashes into a large truck and slides underneath. These collisions can be particularly catastrophic, because the truck’s ground clearance is significantly greater than that of the passenger vehicle. The truck can stop suddenly, obstructing the passenger vehicle’s vision. The driver of a large truck may be fatigued or drunk when the accident occurs, which makes this situation even more dangerous.