Top Tips On How To Deal With Squatter Invaders.

Squatters are people that move into unoccupied houses that have been foreclosed, abandoned, or just left for a while.

Squatting is a common practice than most people realize, especially with the high cost of living many people are being left homeless and result in drastic measures such as squatting.

Home invasion by squatters may lead to extreme property damage. The most appropriate way to deal with such damages is through home insurance covers.

Review your property’s insurance policy and determine if your insurance will cover damages on your unoccupied property.

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Here is the question, how do you deal with squatters? That’s if you have noticed some around your neighborhood, or they have occupied your property.

To answer this question, let us first understand what squatting is.

What squatting means.

This is the action of occupying the property that is not yours that is either abandoned or is an unoccupied building or land.

The action of squatting occurs worldwide but is performed mainly among individuals who do not have a way to sustain themselves.

This means whenever they find any piece of land that is unoccupied or any unoccupied building they just make it their home because they do not have any other place to stay.

With this in mind let us take a closer look at how we should handle squatters that we have encountered and how generally to go around the issue of squatting.

How to keep squatters out.

Have security, this will most likely completely keep squatters out.

This is major because squatters find it difficult to force their way into peoples’ property.

They are well aware that if some property is guarded and has any form of security, then they pose the risk of being arrested.

 Squatting is a criminal offense. In some places, it’s punishable by paying a huge fine or sometimes imprisoned.

If you travel quite often, and you constantly leave your house empty yet the sound of getting security for your property does not sound affordable to you, you can simply ask your neighbors to watch your house while you are away.

Your neighbors will act as your watchdogs, and they can inform you whenever anything suspicious occurs around your home.

What to do if you discover squatters on your property.

The first step that you should take after encountering a squatter in your property is, if it’s possible, to strike a dialogue with the squatter.

Do this only after you have gauged the situation and concluded that you are not in any way form or shape in harm’s way.

Do this before informing any authority since some squatters are normally willing to leave without being forced out so the first step you should take is to try to have a conversation.

Once you have talked you will know whether the quarter is willing to leave voluntarily out of your property or if you need law enforcement intervention.

Sometimes you should decide to go to the police at the early stages of squatters settling so that they can keep an eye and see whether things are being damaged because they can’t force a squatter out, it’s against the law.

What rights do I have if a squatter won’t leave? Can I force them out?

If you are not in a hurry to move into the place then you cannot use Force to move them out, because they have their rights.

In such a situation, the best call of action on how to deal with the squatters is to take the matter to court because of something called squatter’s rights.

But if you’re in this situation, and you’ve just bought the property or two you are in a hurry to move in instantly.

For example, you’ve just bought a house, and you want to move in, and you find that squatters are living in it, you’re allowed to break your door if necessary.


Surprisingly people squat for a variety of reasons. For example, some people can be paying rent to scammers who have posed as owners of a property or someone has overstayed their lease longer than it was stated.

The best way to handle squatters is by involving the police especially if you feel that your security has been compromised.

Otherwise, make sure you follow through with the steps we have highlighted above on dealing with squatters.

Take care!