How Much Money Is Legally Allowed To Send Abroad From The UK?

You may need to send money outside the United Kingdom for business or personal purposes. And you will need to understand what is required legally by the UK government and the agency you intend to use to transfer vast sums of money. However, the United Kingdom does not limit the amount of money you can move from the United Kingdom.

 Sending a huge amount of money abroad from the UK might accrue high charges on your end from the banking institutions. Nevertheless, you can find cheaper alternatives online. And in this article, we will show you some of the best money transfer services and reliable options to reduce the cost of sending money abroad.

And Cheap Ways Of Sending Money Abroad?

Send money faster, with less paperwork and charges by considering some of these alternatives we have for you below:

  1. Transferwise

TransferWise money transfer is a reliable company that helps you transfer money abroad from the United Kingdom at a very affordable rate. Their charges vary depending on the location and amount, but it is still cheap and inexpensive compared to the banks and other financial institutions. It has user-friendly platforms, and you can make your transfer anywhere online and using the mobile applications you can download on your Smartphone.

  1. OFX Overseas money transfer

OFX Overseas money transfer is a trusted and reliable money transfer agency in the United Kingdom, with over 20 years of experience. They provide users with easy and quick ways to transfer by phone, online, and through their applications. They are available 24/7 with good and fast customer services, offering competitive rates with other top financial institutions. You will feel safe and secured using this platform to send money abroad from the UK.

  1. Currency Solution

Currency Solution has been in business since 2003, with thousands of users providing some of the best rates you can get online. You can make a transfer through phone and online with reliable and user-friendly platforms. However, they charge a flexible rate with the amount of money you are sending, and the charges are free from 3000 pounds and above. They offer a secure platform, which makes them a top choice for most people to securely send money abroad. People who want to spend a considerable amount of money prefer to use this platform for their flexible rate and charges,

  1. Moneycorps money transfer

You can send money for free and enjoy other fee benefits with this user-friendly platform. Please create a free account and enjoy competitive rates while using the platform to transfer money through phone and mobile applications. They offer their users personal account managers who are available 24/7 to ensure smooth services. Moneycorps is popular among users, and they have several awards because of their innovative ways of providing better services to their customers.

Send money abroad with peace of mind and ensure fast delivery using some of these companies listed above. It gives you an edge with the cheaper fee for transferring the money abroad no matter the amount.