Fostering Children’s Creativity and Innovation

How come adults do work that requires innovation, or even start their own business if they have never been encouraged to try innovating since childhood?

What is creation? Creation is thought outside the boundaries of concepts, to question things, to speculate, and to never stick with rules.

Creativity is one of the most important abilities that children must have, and should not be ignored by parents and teachers. When children are in their teens, and already have certain knowledge standards, this is when they begin to develop personal interests and have a great curiosity. This is the time for parents to encourage children to innovate. If you want your child to grow up with the value of creativity and extensive innovation you can choose St Andrews International School. This school using effective learning methods they can make your child happy about new things.

What can parents do to foster children’s creativity?

First of all, parents must know the interests of children

Children often have a special interest that they want to learn. This can stimulate children’s creativity. Sadly, often this interest might be considered “useless” for parents. As a teenager, children can develop their interests and devote more energy and attention. Their concentration and curiosity are very valuable assets. Therefore, parents must provide the right environment for children, and encourage children to develop their interests, to imagine and experiment. Who knows, someday your child might make an extraordinary innovation and creation!

Don’t limit the child

Middle-high school students usually have a lot of homework. When your children have free time, do not restrict too many things. Encourage children to do what they want and are interested in. Remember, never force your hobbies/interests in children, because this will only ‘kill’ their curiosity and creativity. If children only do things that are “right”, innovation will never happen. Instead, let the child free to move, because this is better to train their creativity.

Parents must not be rigid. Parents must expand their horizons and ready to accept new things

Parents must grow with children. Time flies, parents need to learn new knowledge and ideas so they don’t go out of style. It is unfair for children if parents are rigid because conservative parents will not be able to foster a sense of imagination, creativity, and curiosity in children.

Allow children to express themselves

Teenagers have their own opinions about various things and want to express their opinions. As a result, parents may think of adolescents as naughty children and rebels who always oppose parents and teachers. They only express various questions and confusion that they feel. Do not rush to criticize children. Even though their ideas may not be ripe, they should be allowed to express their thoughts.