Car Checking Tips Before Vacation


Tips for having a vacation using a private car must be known, especially before traveling. Moreover, some of us often underestimate the condition of the car when traveling long distances for vacation or returning to our hometowns.

Even if the condition of the car is not considered, then you can experience difficulties and even experience unwanted accidents during the trip. Vacation tips using a private car, such as checking before traveling, are important to ensure the condition of the car.

Vacation tips using private cars

The best advice, of course, is to check the condition of your favorite vehicle to an official workshop. But checking yourself can also be done by following the following tips, which can be done to keep your vehicle in top condition.

1. Check Tire Condition, And Production Date

Always pay attention to the condition and date of production of tires. If the thickness of the tire pattern has thinned below the indicator and the tire production date has passed two years, it is better to replace it.

Of course, the condition of tires like this is very dangerous if they meet rough asphalt surfaces, pass high temperatures on the road surface and are used at high speeds, then your tires can break on the road and experience unwanted accidents.

2. Paying attention to the condition of the engine oil

Always check the condition of the engine oil before traveling long distances. If the mileage record has been left for 40% of the last oil change, it is better to stop using the old oil. The oil level must also be at the maximum line limit and change the engine oil according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

It should be noted that the new oil will work more optimally in jammed conditions with hot air temperatures, thus allowing safe engine conditions. So, these car tips should be done before traveling quite far.

3. Seeing the brake fluid level

Another thing you need to do is pay attention to the level of brake fluid in the drum. If it has decreased considerably, it is recommended to add brake fluid according to the manufacturer’s recommendations or with the same DOT value.

You should also check for brake fluid seepage which causes reduced brake fluid around the wheels.

4. Checking the Condition of the Car Battery

If your car uses a wet battery, it is advisable to pay attention to the condition of the battery head and the water level of the battery. Clean the battery head by flushing the corrosion-preventing penetrant liquid to hold back the electricity and affect the engine starting process.

Tips for using a private car next vacation is also to ensure the voltage level or battery voltage beforehand. If when you start the car with all the features turned on, the voltage shown by the voltmeter must be in the range of 12.8 – 14.2 volts. This shows the performance of the alternator whether the battery is in good condition or not.

5. Caring for the Radiator

Checking the radiator water level is what you need to do to care for your favorite car. Always use a special recommended radiator fluid.

Adding water to the radiator must be done when the engine is cold and do not let fake wind enter the cooling system because it causes heat above the maximum limit. You also have to pay attention to the condition of the radiator, hose, to the housing, to find out the condition of the radiator.

6. Check Wiper Condition

This seemingly trivial thing sometimes makes it difficult for drivers to face the rain. If the weather conditions are bad and the wipers are dirty, the car windows will be even more obscure and make it difficult for you to drive safely.

For that you have to check the availability of wiper water, if you don’t have enough, add the liquid to the maximum limit of the wiper water tube. Do not forget to use wiper water which contains a special glass cleaner solution recommended by the manufacturer.

So, those are some vacation tips using a private car, for those of you who want not to have a private car, you can rent a car only at Rental Cars Uae. Get discounted car rental with 50 Dollars Rent A Car Coupons only at Rental Cars Uae.

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