Best Notary public in the United Kingdom

In the UK, a Notary refers to a professional lawyer, a member of the country’s third and oldest legal profession. Typically, it is the Court of Faculties of the Archbishop of Canterbury that appoints Notaries. Notaries should follow the regulations by the Mater of the Faculties. Rules that apply to Notaries are identical to those applicable to Solicitors. To ensure the public’s protection and the protection of their client’s Notaries must maintain a fidelity cover and be entirely insured. They should also ensure that their client’s cash is kept distinctly from theirs and be compliant with strict rules of practices. They should also comply with regulations that relate to discipline and conduct. Their practising licences are to be renewed annually, subject to compliance with rules.  A notary public can witness and authenticate a wide variety of legal documents. Typically a notary can act on behalf of businesses or private persons, providing legal services linked to various events, documents and transactions. You may be trying to find notaries in the UK and wondering how you can locate reputable notaries. The best way is by use of online review sites such as read the reviews and select the positively reviewed public notaries. This article seeks to help you locate reputable Notary public, and below is a list of some of the best Notary public in the UK.

Michael Lindley Notary Public

Michael Lindley is Notary Public situated in Central London. He has worked for many corporate clients and individuals. Some of his clients are FTSE 100 companies, shipping companies, banks, law firms and hedge firms.

The services he offers include:

  • Documents overseas property purchases and sales.
  • Round the clock legalisation and Apostille services.
  • Document notarisation for yacht and ship purchases, sales, registrations and mortgages
  • Notarising diverse document types, including commercial documents, passports, professional and academic certificates.

He offers effectual services in central London.

S Thomas Notary Public

S Thomas Notary Public is a Notary Public company that was established in 2012.  The owner is Notary Public Sajo Thomas. The company is among the best providers of the service in the United Kingdom. It offers notary services for both business and individual clients.

The services offered by S Thomas Notary Public include

  • Identity and signature authentication
  • Education certificate and passports certification
  • Single status and marriage certificate documentation
  • Power of attorney.
  • Name deed changes
  • Instruments share issues certification
  • Apostille, statutory declaration, among others.

This list only offer a general overview of the services provided by S Thomas Notary Public. You can always approach them for a better understanding and for other legal services you may need.

R Bains Notary Public

Situated in central London, the firm offers a wide range of services to corporate and individual clients.

The services include:  

  • Consular and legislation services.
  • Individual   notarial  services such as the notarisation of various documents including  passport copies for opening bank accounts, power of attorney,  Apostille and legalisations at consulate  and land or share or house transfers
  • International adoption Notary Public Services
  • Certified translations

Preuveneers Notaries Public

Established in 1983 and based in Victoria, Preuveneers Notaries Public is one of the reputed Notary Public in Wales and London. It is known to offer quality services.

Services offered by Preuveneers Notaries Public include:

  • Consular legislation
  • You can approach Preuveneers Notaries Public for notarisation of various documents types such as passport copies, copies of education certificates authentication of signatures and documents. The time taken to complete the notarisation process depends on the documents to be notarised.

Kumar Associates

This is a company that specialises in offering bespoke notary public services to corporate and individual clients. They offer their clients quick services and can see their clients even when given a notice of just an hour. The company has offices in East Ham and Holborn and has provided its services to multiple companies and clients.

Services they offer

  • Attestation of company documents such as articles of association and memorandum, certificate of incorporation, the appointment of director forms and board resolution.
  • Change of name deed, Power of Attorney documents, sponsorship declarations, Affidavits, documents certification inclusion legal documents and passport copies, statutory declarations.
  • They offer assistance for commonwealth wealth and Foreign office legalisation/Apostille and Legalisation from all embassies in London.

The Notary situated in London is competent in English and other Languages including, Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil and Urdu. It also has interpreters for other languages in case you need them.

In conclusion, while it can be hard to locate a reliable Notary public in the UK. This article has made the work easy and has provided some of the UK’s best Notary public.