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A row of Tips in Colocation Data Center for company

Colocation Data Center is a special place provided by the service for data center storage. Any company or agency certainly needs it.

In choosing service providers Colocation Datacenter need to be careful and must be detailed because the colocation data center is a place to store important data that is a digital asset of the company. Define a data center colocation provider that guarantees security and has high scalability and accessibility capabilities for smooth enterprise IT operations. You can trust the problem that occurs in the data center to Tecdis. They are a specialist logistics company that can assist you in technical installation solutions.

Well, here are some tips in determining the colocation data Center for the company:

Data Center Security Level

Tips on determining the first colocation data center are about security level. When placing your company’s IT device, you need to consider the security level at that location. Similarly, the data center.

You need to choose a completely safe location from people who are not interested. Not everyone can enter the data center room except the technicians who need to do repairs or the IT team and the security team who need to do a check on the data center.

Because it needs thorough supervision, we recommend the data Center also equipped with a security system. The security team must also perform controls at any time to prevent the action of hacking important data.

In addition to the data security system, you also need to pay attention to the security system of electrical installations in the room or the entire section connected to the electrical panel. Attention is not less important also on the network security system. There should be a firewall system as well as an antivirus system that must be updated regularly to ensure access to your company’s data.


Define a data center that provides services according to your company’s needs. The company needs the colocation data center when it is experiencing development and facing competition. Consider it for the next five years.

Safe location

One of the tips to choose the Colocation Data Center next is the location. Choose a secure location for the Colocation data center. You certainly understand that all IT devices are electronic equipment that requires electricity so it is very susceptible to high temperatures.

So, the ideal location for data centers is a cool area, and avoid congested urban areas, such as big cities. We recommend that the data center is equipped with a cooling system and air humidity regulating the device. Also, it consider that the location of the data center should be safe from hazards as well as natural disasters, such as riots, floods, eruptions or earthquakes.

It is not feasible if the data center is in a flood-prone area even if the data center location is in a multilevel building but however the infrastructure remains on the ground floor where there are generators, electrical panels, cooling water tanks- Other and other.

Reliable Data Center

Determine the reliable data center, which is a standard or certified building system. Besides, it should be equipped with a system of prevention and security from various disasters such as earthquakes, floods, landslides, and fires. Reliable Data Center also equipped with air conditioner system facilities and electrical systems with spare power.

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