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What Should You Do After a Taxi Accident?

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If you are often on the road, it makes you prone to accidents more often than the average person. Accidents could happen to you at any time and in any vehicle whether a taxi or a personal car. Taxi accidents can happen in two ways: you are either the passenger in the taxi or you were hit by a taxi. Either way, a taxi accident makes you entitled to compensation for damages and suffering. 

Getting compensation for damages may not be easy especially when you are disoriented after being in an accident. Below is a list of what you should do after a taxi accident:

Call for Help

Just like any other accident, a taxi accident can be fatal. The first thing you should do is call 911 and give them a description of your location. If you or other victims are in danger your safety should be a top priority before other things can be considered. Seek medical help as soon as help arrives even if you are not physically injured. Go for an examination immediately.

Document the Accident

If you did not sustain life-threatening injuries and do not need to be rushed to the hospital, ensure that you document the accident with the police. Make sure that you write down everything that you can remember from the accident. This will make it easier for investigation and filing of lawsuits if the need arises.

Get Contact Information of other Parties Involved and Witnesses

Share information like names, address, phone number, insurance company, insurance policy number, car model and car license number with other victims of the accident and if possible, witnesses as well.

File a Lawsuit

You have the right to compensation for damages and sufferings from a taxi accident. You have the right to sue both the driver and Taxi Company for negligence. A taxi company may be liable for a taxi accident by extension and default if they hire an unfit driver. A taxi driver may be unfit to driver by possessing any or all of the following: a long history of accidents, a DUI and even a suspended license.

Contact an Accident Lawyer

You are allowed to file a lawsuit on your own, but without an experienced lawyer, you may not get as much compensation for damages as you should. A taxi accident lawyer helps you file a claim while you recover from injuries sustained. You do not have to deal with complicated legal issues especially when you are still shaken by the accident. With an accident lawyer, the offender’s insurance company cannot take advantage of you.

What You Should Not Do

In no circumstance should you admit fault, speak to the at-fault party’s insurance company or discuss your injuries immediately after your accident. This could make it harder for you to get compensation when you file a claim.

If you are a resident of Boston and you or your loved one was involved in a taxi accident, contact Boston MA taxi accident attorneys immediately to file a claim and get benefits for losses and damages.